Get noticed!

Hi. If you read this, and you are not me, apparently I decided to start writing a personal blog. Good for me.

I was thinking about it for some time now, and thanks to Maciej Aniserowicz blog and developer-blogging-contest, I decided to make the first step towards eternal glory.

I am planning to force myself to write two posts per week: one about single specific project I started to write, and second about my personal thoughts in IT in general.

A project I want to develop will be some kind of social application for fittnes freaks that want to track their performance progress and diet. I definitely know I am going to use Spring for the backend, Angular for the frontend and MongoDB as the database.

I still have no clear vision about all the functionalities, but I allow myself not to. The most important part for me is to keep learning new technologies and be consistent with my writing.

You still here? Thanks! I hope following posts will me more interesting, but you know, you have to start with something 🙂

See you soon!

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