Starting to learn Spring in 2017? Why not to begin with Spring Boot?

There are at least two approaches to learning technical stuff: bottom-up, and top-down. Understand topic briefly, be aware of possibilities and try to go down into the details, or piece together some basic mechanisms while trying to comprehend the big picture. Which approach is better for a newcomer  to use when learning, for example Spring Framework?

Spring Framework is being developed for a long time now, so it is understandable that all of it’s possibilities can be more overwhelming for a newbie now, than they were in, let’s say, ten years ago. However, guys from the Pivotal came to the rescue – they decided to introduce new tool: Spring Boot.

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Get noticed!

Hi. If you read this, and you are not me, apparently I decided to start writing a personal blog. Good for me.

I was thinking about it for some time now, and thanks to Maciej Aniserowicz blog and developer-blogging-contest, I decided to make the first step towards eternal glory.

I am planning to force myself to write two posts per week: one about single specific project I started to write, and second about my personal thoughts in IT in general.

A project I want to develop will be some kind of social application for fittnes freaks that want to track their performance progress and diet. I definitely know I am going to use Spring for the backend, Angular for the frontend and MongoDB as the database.

I still have no clear vision about all the functionalities, but I allow myself not to. The most important part for me is to keep learning new technologies and be consistent with my writing.

You still here? Thanks! I hope following posts will me more interesting, but you know, you have to start with something 🙂

See you soon!